Essentially, packaging keeps the world organized. Well-crafted and creative packaging design is more than just the creation of the exterior of a product. It is a view-changing tool that helps you win over more customers and serves as a reminder for the existing ones.

Excellent quality packaging design – the only kind you find at Logonub – is:

Additionally, Logonub ensures that they will also serve as visually attractive representations of your brand. Our experts make stunning, engaging, and functional custom graphic design for digital, print, and social platforms.


Logonub’s Creations

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Logonub Design Process

When you work with our packaging designers, we walk you through the way we work at Logonub. Our process has three main elements that we must receive from you before we start designing the packaging for a product:

Product Requirements

In this phase, our designers get a crash course in your product right from its source, i.e., you. Some details that would help us immensely in choosing the ideal elements include what need does the product satisfy, who is it for, and how you distribute it.

Unlike amateurs in the field, Logonub knows this information is imperative for an audience-centric design. For instance, if you market to senior citizens, we’d suggest a simple, large-sized font, etc.

Brand Requirements

Besides the details of your product and audience, Logonub designers will also insist on brand information. Whether your product is stand-alone or represents an established brand makes a monumental creative difference. In the case of the latter, i.e., established brands, usually have a certain brand aesthetic. Therefore, we’d like you to apprise of details about the colors (CMYK or PMS values or at least, a hex code), type of font and instructions about its usage, for instance, its kerning or weight, and the company logo (a vector file will be fine).

Content Requirements

Logonub specializes in uniquely created designs for equally specific products. As you see above, your brand requirements mandate the inclusion of certain details on the packaging. Likewise, so would those of the industry you are a part of. Thus, our project managers will get them sorted out before the designers get to work.

Whether due to legal or aesthetic reasons, we may require written copy from your side, including the product’s name and an enticing description. The imagery, such as photos, that you’d like Logonub to add to the packaging, is another essential requirement. Also, send us barcodes, association signage, and nutrition information – and any other required marks.

For companies part of cosmetics or food industries, additional information like expiration dates and batch numbers, may also be needed. We can also leave some space for any temporary information, and you can add it later.

Why Choose Logonub for your Packaging Design

Because whether it is a container, a bag, or a bottle, our packaging design ensures you a top-shelf position! Unlike other types of design, packaging design must be super inviting to the senses. Thus, creations that are easy-to-understand and beautiful will entice them to take your product home. While our designers are aware of the trending fads, we promise they’ll come up with outside-the-box packaging when designing your box!

SMoreover, our clients enjoy the following when they choose Logonub:

  • Creativity of the Design Experts: We only send out creative design ideas for packaging to the clients that make your product stand out. The expertise and experience of our designers ensure that is always the case.
  • Ready-to-Go and Copyright-Free Files: The new packaging design is sent out in a production ready state to you, so you can begin using immediately. Moreover, we are particular about our clients’ intellectual property rights. Therefore, the copyright to the design will be all yours. Our dynamic legal contract will state so very clearly.
  • Flexible Pricing : We love to negotiate because we believe our clients should get the best work at prices they can afford. So, come, talk shop with us!
  • Customer Support that Shines: Anything you need and our dedicated team will provide it to you via the phone, email, or chat.