The Logonub Banner Design department can talk banners with you all day long! Because the team is fueled with such passion, we only create high quality custom banner designs for our clients. We have been doing that for businesses and individuals all across the globe.

Moreover, we excel at cutting down the cost of advertising with our highly intuitive banners. From creation to adoption, the Logonub is fully invested in each stage of the process. Just send in your company story, a brief of the subject that you want a banner for, and then watch us work our banner magic. We create high-quality banners within the quickest timespans, so that your brand visibility stays at maximum.

Truly, a professionally designed banner assists in the creation or maintenance of a powerful reputation of your brand. More importantly, Logonub creations also outdistance you from your competitors.

Most importantly, even small businesses and other similar players may advertise this way. That’s because, after a one-time investment, you can reap value for your business by using your animated logo design over and over again!


Logonub’s Creations

Amaze, Mesmerize, and


Announce your presence with our logos!

The Logonub Banner Design Process

Don’t worry, what we tell you about our process, here, can fit on a banner! We outline the creative process for our clients, so they always know what to expect from Logonub:

Fill in the Project Questionnaire or Come Over to Explain

Whether you decide to see us personally to explain the brief, email it, or fill in the questionnaire, our designers are game for it all. Just keep in mind that the more information we start with, the better we’ll be able to meet your banner-making objectives. Therefore, details about your target audience, how you intend to distribute the product (for print banners), or where you’ll display it (for digital banners), will all speed up the process. Hence, the questionnaire that covers all these details.

The Logonub Banner Design Team Gets to Work

After we get the information you send our way, our super-talent designers join heads to think up a storm. They also carry out market-wide research to see the types of designs that have done well. And then, they seriously get down to crafting banners that clearly get your message across.

Analyze the Draft & Receive the Final Source Files

After multiple sessions of intense creative designing, we have the draft in hand. We send it over to you, and you let us know if the banner says what you want it to say. Minor revisions completed – if any – and our team will send you the final product in a ready-to-be-used state.

Types of Designs We Offer

Each area of our specialization consists of attractive banners that will increase the traffic to websites or stop traffic in the case of print banners! In short, we intend to up the conversion rates for our clients, and our banners make it so.
You’ll find the following banner designs at Logonub:

  • Sports alt
  • Google AdWords alt
  • Social Media alt
  • Fitness alt
  • Advertising alt
  • School alt
  • Events alt
  • Corporate alt
  • Mobile alt
  • Real Estate alt

Experience & Expertise

When we began to come together as a company, we chose the leading names from the animated logos arena for Logonub. They have many years’ worth of experience and equally substantial expertise to match. Think professionally designed animated logos that win hearts, and you’ll know how good they are!

Creativity & Tools

Our logo designers come up with kickass ideas that are so far out-of-the-box that they amaze. To realize the designs they visualize, Logonub has the latest tools and best technology always at hand.

Customizable & Reasonability

Your brand has a unique footprint, and nobody understands that better than Logonub. Therefore, we construct animated logo designs that can reflect the exceptional nature of your brand. Utter customizability in all matters hands you the reins, including negotiating rates that are reasonable for you.

Types of Animated Logo Designs Logonub Offers


Our simple flash animations can make your logos more fun and creative.

2D Animation

Choose this option if you need animated logo designs with sharp, clean lines but with a professional look.

3D Animation

Select a logo based in 3D animation for an expertly creative looking logo.