Logonub’s spectacular animated logo design will help your business in several ways:

  • Firstly, they create an immediate and lasting impact on your future and existing customers.
  • Secondly, motion design or animated elements bring a fresh, innovative feel to marketing and brand identity.
  • Thirdly, animated logos offer companies and brands a way to distinguish themselves from the swathes of content already out there.
  • Fourthly, they form a positive lasting connection with your audience since they’re reminiscent of GIFs and YouTube videos.
  • Moreover, the animated logo designs are proof that your business is fully engaged in promoting brand identity and employs modern digital platforms to do so.

Most importantly, even small businesses and other similar players may advertise this way. That’s because, after a one-time investment, you can reap value for your business by using your animated logo design over and over again!


Logonub’s Creations

Amaze, Mesmerize, and


Announce your presence with our logos!

Where can I Use My Logonub Animated Logo Design?

Once Logonub crafts a masterpiece for you, you will be surprised at how many locations and situations it is well-suited to, including:

Social Media

An obvious choice given that the Logonub productions are eye-catching and invite engagement. Consider the most visual of social media platforms, i.e., Instagram. You can incorporate your animated logo design on video posts there. Pinterest is another venue where your logo will allow you to distinguish your brand. Put it on a board with other branding materials as pins accompanying it.


Any external presentations can be decorated – and branded – with your logo on your slides or in any videos that you put together for them. Add to the gravitas of your presentations with our professional-looking designs.

Marketing Videos

Wield your animated logo as a short introduction in marketing videos. Or, employ it as an outro for an impressive finale.

Company Website and Animated Logo Design

Of course, your company website shouldn’t be missing your logo for several reasons. Firstly, its inclusion will improve SEO. Secondly, our splendid workmanship will attract more traffic to your website too. For a dynamic look, our animated logo designs are quite useful.

Animated Logo Design for Office Screens & in Digital Advertisements

Have video screens installed on-site? Then add the logo to the videos playing on them. Visitors will get a suave reminder of the brand’s identity when they see it. Employees will feel a deeper level of connection to the brand. The same goes for video adverts that can be displayed anywhere that guarantees maximum visibility.

Why Choose Us?

Logonub is home to some of the most creative designing and animation experts. They eagerly await client projects just so they can do what they love doing best. All our creations are super attractive models of animated logos with one focus: to elevate your brand so that it stands out in any context!
Here are some reasons why Logonub clients keep working with us for more:

Experience & Expertise

When we began to come together as a company, we chose the leading names from the animated logos arena for Logonub. They have many years’ worth of experience and equally substantial expertise to match. Think professionally designed animated logos that win hearts, and you’ll know how good they are!

Creativity & Tools

Our logo designers come up with kickass ideas that are so far out-of-the-box that they amaze. To realize the designs they visualize, Logonub has the latest tools and best technology always at hand.

Customizable & Reasonability

Your brand has a unique footprint, and nobody understands that better than Logonub. Therefore, we construct animated logo designs that can reflect the exceptional nature of your brand. Utter customizability in all matters hands you the reins, including negotiating rates that are reasonable for you.

Types of Animated Logo Designs Logonub Offers


Our simple flash animations can make your logos more fun and creative.

2D Animation

Choose this option if you need animated logo designs with sharp, clean lines but with a professional look.

3D Animation

Select a logo based in 3D animation for an expertly creative looking logo.